The coastal style comes in many forms but always harbours a relaxed, fresh and energising feel. Lightness is key, a light to white platform as a base and subtle overtones layered. Extreme texture gives a sense of warmth and age. The décor is crafted from natural fibres like rattan, rustic bleached timbers, wicker and then blended with cottons, linens, canvas and pale leathers. Your sanctuary draws on inspiration from nature, the tones and finishes pulled from the trees, pebbles, sand, water and skylines. Memoirs and keepsakes sprinkle the surfaces…life’s treasures. You don’t need to live by the beach to bring a bit of it into your home. 

blue and white family coast living roomImage source

1. Top tip for coastal style

Keep colours minimal if bold (two is a wise number). Lighter tones rely on layering and texture for success.

coastal style interior design white kitchenImage source

2. Traits

The coastal style features a range of texture, layers, natural fibres, scale (oversized versus trinkets), installation art, weatherboard, comfort, function, washed surfaces, stone and greenery. 

coastal style living room with oars wall hangingImage source

3. Designers/Artists

Jenny Wolf, Ralph Lauren, Mamma Green Outdoor, India Hicks.

coast interior design artworkImage source

4. Pantone Colours

Pantone dried mossPantone blue grassPantone blue radiance

Pantone moonbeamPantone caviar

5. Brands that fit

Coco Republic, St Barts Co., Bisque Interiors, Freedom Furniture, Molmic, Jardan, Mark Tuckey, Equator Homewares, Spence & Lyda, Whiteport, Dunlin, Globe West, Beachwood,  MCM House.

blue and natural coastal style living roomImage source

6. A perfect day

Sandy feet playing on the deck and a summer breeze gusting through the home, spreading the smell of jasmine from the vines.  Fresh prawns, crusty local market bread, and a chilled wine spread across the table, to be enjoyed with your favourite subscription.

boho coast interior design beach home outdoor areaImage source

7. Fragrance or tune

Cocolux Soy Candle-Wild Frangipani (Sand underfoot & sun).

costal style Pippa's Open Plan Coastal Retreat - after - chairs

Image source

The coastal style lets you relive those fun and relaxing times at the beach. It’s truly a style that embraces Summer. From the luxurious Hamptons to classical nautical, the coastal style is chill and goes with whatever floats your boat!  

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