Proudly Australian owned, supporting a national and international community of suppliers. 


From popular favourites to rare gems, Designbx suppliers are known for breathtaking craftsmanship and impeccable quality. From unique artisans to renowned brands, the Designbx Personal Shopper organises direct delivery of a vast array of products,  at discounted prices.
We also negotiate on behalf of clients for exclusive discounts for brands not part of our catalogue so don’t worry – with Designbx you have access to all brands and products across Australia!

50,000+ products, 60+ brands, a complimentary Personal Shopper service, and free delivery


Cost savings are passed on to you through our exclusive industry discounts


Products from our suppliers meet Australian Quality Standards


Our collections will inspire your interior designer to think outside the box


Our curation ensures a vast range of products across all categories and styles


Our suppliers are emerging designers, artisans, through to mainstream retailers


All our products are sourced from trusted suppliers across our network