Designbx is the ultimate method for Australians to design their homes, but the proof is in the pudding! See why our e-decorating solution is the first choice for an affordable alternative that’s convenient and fun. Our clients absolutely love our designers, incredible savings and complimentary Personal Shopper services that includes free delivery. See for yourself by watching our video case studies and viewing Before and After galleries in the interior designer portfolio.

Corinna living room - after

Corinna’s vibrant and playful coastal transformation

Corinna was pleasantly surprised to find how easy and fun an eDecorating solution could be, but
the highlight was the moment she arrived home to find seven rooms transformed. Every item had
been delivered and installed, with packaging removed and all rooms cleaned. New-look interiors
ready to enjoy!

Hit100 office redesign

Office fit out creates perfect home away from home

Hit 100’s design brief requested a commercial design that was more like ‘walking into a home’. The Designbx commercial team loved the challenge, and delivered a stunning result that encourages productivity yet gives the young start-up’s team the freedom to collaborate and innovate in a truly modern office environment. On a tight budget and just a two week turnaround for the fit out, Designbx achieved a dramatic transformation.

living room dining room wall art

Couple’s Eclectic style showcases heirlooms with a modern touch

Kim and Donald owned beautiful feature items they had collected over the years, but given the differing styles furniture and decor, they’d found it difficult to achieve a specific theme. With Designbx, the couple used the Eclectic style to transform the space while perfecting a plan that also delivered designated living areas without sacrificing the advantages of open-plan living.

James luxury family beach house - after - living

Bringing the Hamptons to Mona Vale

James wanted his family home to reflect its picturesque setting near the beachside. Being a lover of interior design certainly helped him develop a clear vision for Coastal interiors that blended with the environment. With the help of Designbx, the family now enjoy a stylish haven that has decorative touches that appeal to James’ strong aesthetic while being a practical place to raise two teenage sons.

Pippa's Open Plan Coastal Retreat - feature

Pippa finds her design mojo

With three kids and two dogs, no wonder Pippa was reluctant to splurge on an expensive traditional interior designer. In Pippa’s own words, the online method was ‘exciting’, inspiring her to create a fabulous style for her home that came with the added advantage of being a durable setting for her large family.

Andy's Hunter Valley old school house - transformation - after

A historic landmark retains its tradition charm

A heritage-listed schoolhouse in the Hunter Valley needed to be respectfully updated, maintaining a strong connection with its roots. The beautiful estate not only needed to be home to a large family, but also a special holiday destination for Airbnb guests. Using authentic furniture and décor, the atmosphere of this historic house was preserved while updating the space to accommodate modern lifestyles.

Robyn's vibrant beach apartment - after - floral lounge 3

Bondi grandmother gives her home a modern flavour

Robyn decided her apartment needed a major upgrade but was determined to maintain the relaxed atmosphere so well suited to a classic building in one of Australia’s most popular seaside suburbs. With the Designbx team, she was able to create the perfect balance: contemporary but casual.

Soothing Care Dental - after - dentists

Rozelle’s most stylish dental practice

A new dental practice in Rozelle, Sydney, needed a fast turnaround to meet a two week deadline for design and installation. Even the business’ owner and manager thought the deadlines were a challenge, but Designbx delivered an outstanding result without compromising quality. Our commercial design team created a warm, relaxing, but modern and elegant space for the clinic’s clients.

Rebecca's Modern Kid's Playroom - feature

Rebecca’s modern kids playroom

How do you make a playroom a comfortable space for adults as well as children? This is a common challenge for Australian families. Rebecca presented the dream scenario for our designers: a completely empty space our experts could shape into a beautiful bright playroom for all ages to enjoy for many years to come.

Lauras scandi home office - feature

Transforming a kid’s room into a chic home office

It’s one thing to convert a kid’s bedroom into a home office, but much more challenging to make it a functional showpiece that is suitable for clients to visit. That was the goal of Laura, a busy mum running a law firm in Melbourne. Witness the e-Decorating transformation that resulted in a well-organised space where clients feel at ease and Laura can run her business efficiently.

Jen's Living Dining Adults Retreat - feature

Couple’s cozy Coastal retreat

Jen and her husband wanted their second living area to be tough and safe for the kids during the day, and then have the ability to become a sophisticated space for adults at night. Designbx carefully created a design with resilient furniture and finishes that will retain their beauty, and be enjoyed for children and adults alike for many years to come.

Pearl's Scandi Water View City Apartment - feature

Beautiful views and a touch of Luxe

Pearl and her husband loved the location of their brand new apartment, but its cold and impersonal interior didn’t do justice to the panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay and the city. After choosing a combination Scandi and Luxe styles, the couple selected designer Kylie to create a lavish but comfortable space that is as vibrant as its surroundings.


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