Top 5 ways to transform your home from winter to spring

Written by Kylie Monteleone 
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The shade and cool of winter days are passing for another year as we get ready to bask in the warmth. Hooray! Spring brings a feel like no other season, with fresh breezes, vibrant gardens and lighter days. Let’s embrace the change and take advantage of how spring can lift the spirit of your space indoors. These five quick tips are simple and affordable ways to prepare your space for spring and look forward to summer.

1. A colour refresh

Colour is a really direct way to change the mood of any space. Packing away the warm reds, oranges and darker blues / greens will make way for the lightness of spring. Replace these colours with neutrals like blush, baby blue or sage greens. Colour change can be as dramatic as painting an entire room, or as simple as a new piece of wall art or a few scattered cushions. As long as the balance is weighted to the lighter tones, you will feel the lightness of spring in the air.

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2. A second set of soft furnishings

Cushions, throws, bedding and window dressings tend to get heavy in not only colour, but also texture, over winter. Having a second set of soft furnishings for the warmer months allows you to rotate with the change of season. Linens, cottons and sheers are all soft in texture and mood. The colours they absorb embrace the elements of spring and summer. Store the heavy weaves and knits into space bags after a good wash and they will be ready to bring out next autumn.

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3. Bring nature into the home

One of the best parts of spring is the rejuvenated garden. Bring the outdoors in with fresh cut foliage and flowers in a collection of simple vessels to showcase on your dining table or sideboard. This is a fresh and stylish way to bring some colour and nature to your interior space.

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4. Pack away the rugs

Depending on your flooring, we tend to cover the floors with rugs during the cooler months. Use these warmer days as an opportunity to release the dust and enjoy the open floor. The aesthetic of a rug-free space visually opens the area, makes it feel lighter and changes the look without having to spend a cent.

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5. A Spring clean and reshuffle

During hibernation, we spend much more time indoors, and who hasn’t pondered a reconfiguration of furniture that you just haven’t been bothered to really explore? Use the spring clean as a chance to move the furniture out of its comfort zone, get to the dust underneath and move it  to a new spot. You will be amazed at how much difference a bit of a mix up can make, just rotating existing pieces of furniture. Swap the sofas to opposite sides of the room, maybe bring in a piece of art from another room or swap around some side tables for a new look. It’s like extreme musical chairs, where trial and error is the name of the game.

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So this season, literally take the indoors out and reconsider how and where everything goes back. It doesn’t have to be permanent, and now is the perfect time of year to freshen things up.

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