Rustic interior design - yellow toned tribal printed cushions

The African detailing within the interior design marketplace is growing. Its strong and distinct patterns and colour ways are being embraced by fashion, textile and design counterparts a like. Its strength has come with its move to be more contemporary in shape and form. Monochromatic and colourful concepts seem to be the favourites within the market place, but not limited to. It is, however, it’s introduction into interiors that sees it’s diversity with features in Coastal interior design through to Boho interior design. Here are some fabulous displays of Tribal Touch, a trend that is sure to add personality to your home.

tribal print cushions

Image reference: Bohemian Modern by Emily Henson

tribal prints on wall

Image reference

Image reference

tribal curtains

Image reference

Pairing back to a monochromatic palette brings a contemporary take to this look.

modern tribal kitchen

Image reference

monochrome tribal interior design

Image reference

Keep true to the bolder colour palette

tribal interior design colours

Image reference

The materials that make the Tribal Touch look possible are rustic timbers, hand woven baskets used for both storage and wall features, batik and block printed fabrics, Pottery, feather detailing and stone ware. To achieve the look, check out our  tribal style guide.

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