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The Luxe style speaks to us of precious metals, reflective surfaces, exotic timber, velvet and silk. It spells elegance. You’re individual and imaginative, and attention to detail is key, with daring colour palettes, extreme scale, sexy and lavish fabrics creating an intriguing and sumptuous space. Luxe interior design pulls from the sophistication and refinement of the Hollywood regency era. It draws design elements from around the globe and has brought ornamentation back into homes in a modern way.

1. Top tip for Luxe style

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Our top tip to creating the perfect Luxe style is to embrace the mirror (it reflects light and adds depth to a room) and ensure the trim is a lustrous metallic to give sophistication and presence.

2. Traits 

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There are many common traits that complement the Luxe style including guild, mirror, glass, velvet, buttoning, rose tint, marble, gold, crystal, colour glass, wallpaper, perspex, fur, animal print, granite, chandeliers, vintage, high gloss, wallpaper, metallic. 

Most of the above traits can be used as focal points in a room. For instance, an oversized piece of art can give your space a ‘wow’ factor. 

3. Designers/Artists

Luxe fans love these household names: David Hicks, Greg Natale, Kelly Wearstler, Suzanne Kasler, Luis La Pegna, Philippe Starck, Tom Ford.

4. Pantone colours

pantone colours

5. Brands that fit

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Luxe style brands: Café Lightning, Boyd Blue, Café Culture & Insitu, Loui Vuitton, Style Factory International.

Luxe style is all about the finer details in life. With its elegance and extravagant finishings, Luxe can make your home feel and look like a million bucks! 

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