Corinna’s vibrant and playful coastal transformation

Designed, delivered and installed – six rooms magically transformed in a single day

The coastal home already had some stunning feature items, but Corinna felt like her interiors needed a special touch to make it a proper home. With Designbx, she converted seven rooms, all with a vibrant Coastal style that had an extra element of playfulness. ‘It was just like it was our birthday!’

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We have been living in our house for almost a year now and I feel like we had all the big ticket items… but we needed the extra bits to the house to make it feel special. Feel like a proper home.

We had six rooms done by Designbx. For us, the play room was probably the biggest thing that we really wanted to transform because it was a blank canvas. I knew that I didn’t have the skills to sort of you know create something in my house that I really wanted and so I needed to get some expert help.
I found Designbx just through a Google search. I think it was interior designers online. I found a few different interior designers. But what Designbx offered in terms of the whole package really drew us.

Initially we did the style quiz on the Designbx website and it sort of gave us an idea of what type of style we liked… we had a few different interior designers who actually submitted their design boards for us and we got to choose which one we liked the most. So there was definitely one that stood out for us. We ended up with a really lovely design for our house…given where we live being near the beach there was sort of earthy beach tones, water, which we really loved but also there was a bit of an extension to that in terms of a playful element.

We loved pretty much every single item that Designbx put in for us. Everything looked fantastic and it really worked with our lifestyle. However in our playroom there were some items in here that we actually really loved most and one was the swinging chair, which is an amazing little fun play thing for the kids.
We’ve got some great little tubs which are tables for the kids to play on but they’re also fabulous storage items so we can pack all of our toys away.

The Personal Shopper service is really good - having a personal shopper who understood our brief and what we needed and then could put that together that was excellent because they’ve got a relationship with the suppliers I believe that there’s some great discounts.

One day they came in and brought all of the items with them, unpacked everything, installed everything and left and took all the extra packaging with them. And so I came back home one day from work…and it was just brilliant to see how the house had transformed. We went from one room to the next and you know it was just like it was our birthday and we were getting all these presents and it was all done for us and it was a really exciting experience actually. We really enjoyed it.

Designbx was cost effective, easy, quick and with amazing results.

"Designbx was cost effective, easy, quick and with amazing results" — Corinna

A beautiful transformation:



Project details:

Budget$12,000 - $15,999
Location Clontarf, Sydney
Styles Coast, Scandi
Package Multiple Rooms
Designer Kerena Berry

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