From the time she was a small child, Designbx co-founder Kerena Berry has loved turning any space into a place that feels like home. A nomadic childhood and a humble upbringing meant she learned very early on that with the right creative and affordable touches, any space can become a beautiful sanctuary. 

“As a child we were always moving and our home was always busy – bursting with people, laughter and activity. This made me realise that it wasn’t so much the space itself, but the way you filled that space that made it feel like a home. Home isn’t a location, it’s a feeling. We weren’t an affluent family so mum was very clever and creative with styling our home, and that’s a passion I have used to inspire the Designbx business.”

Kerena’s creative and resourceful mother had a huge influence on her chosen career in design. The family would often congregate at home on a Friday night, rearranging the mostly cane furniture, moving artworks and even painting couches, to give the family home a fresh look and feel. Her grandparents too were a big influence – their collection of amazing original artworks and striking sculptural pieces from the 60 and 70’s continually drew Kerena’s creative attention. 

Another staple in Kerena’s family home was plants. Living in tropical Cairns, they would always have birds of paradise, ferns, lilies… To this day Kerena’s home is never complete until there’s a touch of green in every room. She also vividly recalls the smell of Eucalyptus and tea tree oil growing up: “Mum tried to avoid chemicals so used natural oils and hot water as surface sprays and cleaners. A method I still use today.”

“When I look back now on all of these influences, I guess I have always known I wanted to be a designer. From the age of eight I was forever transforming my bedroom, playing with layouts, painting furniture and using my pocket money to buy plants and flowers for my little sanctuary.”

By contrast, fellow co-founder Kylie Pratt is an avid fan of design practicality, as opposed to the pure beauty of design. She lived in her childhood home for 18 years – for Kylie home was a ‘place’, whereas for Kerena, it was a ‘feeling’. And perhaps that’s what makes them such a powerful duo – like the shades on a colour wheel, opposites tend to attract and compliment each other perfectly.

Growing up in New Zealand, Kylie has a real love for nature in design: The warmth of timber, natural stone, crisp linens and rustic rattan. She also has a real passion for being hands-on when it comes to creating functional spaces. At a very young age she remembers helping  build the family home with her Dad and three brothers on an old fruit orchard. This experience gave Kylie a very early appreciation for the importance of good design and using quality local materials and finishes.

I remember this stage of my life vividly. The concrete truck pouring the slab and the stress around whether it would rain in the ‘land of the long white cloud’. I remember loads of timber arriving and my brothers and I helping lift them off the truck. Dad would show me pictures and architectural plans so I felt involved in the entire process. I came back into the building industry in my twenties, working for an interior fitout and construction company that specialised in creative and thoughtfully-designed buildings and fitouts. This evoked for me that same passion and curiosity I had felt as a young child.”

Eventually, through their meeting, Kerena and Kylie saw an exciting opportunity to combine their skills and experience to solve the challenges facing interior designers and their clients. Particularly around access and affordability.

“Design within the home ultimately needs to reflect the lifestyle of the people living in it, with less of a focus on short-lived trends,” Kylie Pratt.

An obvious demand existed for an alternative to traditional interior design. Kerena’s extensive experience as a designer was the impetus, Kylie’s business operations exposure on large-scale fit-outs and construction provided added scale.


So what keeps Kylie and Kerena driven and determined? They want every client to understand that by transforming a space, you can truly transform your life.

They are obsessed with interior design and the positive impact it has on people’s lives. Through curiosity, creativity and pushing boundaries, they deliver a service that empowers clients to create the ideal spaces they’ve always dreamed of.

Most of all, the duo is passionate about making design fast, no fuss, accessible and affordable for all. Because everyone deserves to live in a space they’re truly proud of.


“At Designbx, we believe everyone deserves to live in a space they’re truly proud of. Design is about so much more than furniture, fabrics and function; it’s about creating a feeling. Our mission every day is to empower and guide our clients to create interiors that represent who they are, how they live, and where they can truly feel at home.”


25 years combined design experience

Founded 2015

More than 1000 rooms and spaces designed, and counting!

Completed projects in every Australian state

Average of 3.5 rooms designed per client

Our purpose: To improve the home and work environments of 1 million people by 2023


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Designbx co-founder Kerena Berry is an expert in the interior design field, and is available for media interviews and live appearances.

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