Your Space

Your exciting Designbx experience starts with a quick style quiz, followed by a simple list of questions that help us get to know you. You'll then upload photos and dimensions to give our talented designers the information they need to create a beautiful design for your room.

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First Impressions

Designers will compete to capture your imagination by presenting design concepts. See the early beginnings of your room's transformation as our creative talents send you First Impressions.

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Now you've chosen a design, work with your designer on our easy-to-use website, to create a bespoke Style Board for your room. This is the fun, dynamic step in the Designbx process where designers are inspired by your ideas and feedback.

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From Dream to Reality

We are completely committed to making your designs come to life. You'll receive a First Impression Board, Style Board, Floor Plan and Design Folio, along with your Shopping List. Don't forget the best part: your optional free Personal Shopper, ordering and managing FREE DELIVERY from suppliers to make sure you receive our exclusive industry discounts.

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