Where to Save and Where to Splurge When Renovating

Josh Mammoliti, Managing Director, The Blue Space

With an almost endless amount of options, renovating can be a daunting task. It can be especially tricky to know what you should be investing in and where you can save some dollars. To help you avoid some sleepless nights going over all the figures and options in your head, we’ve put together our top tips on where to save and where to splurge when renovating.

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  • Laminate bench tops can be a third of the cost of a stone bench top and still boast heat and scratch resistance plus come in a range of beautiful finishes that often mimic a stone look. 

  • You can save on benchtops by splurging on a wood or stone island to contrast the laminate bench in the rest of the kitchen.

  • Invest in timeless, quality fittings, not just the cheapest available, as you want all your hard work to stand the test of time. Repairs and trade call-backs can get expensive.

  • Look for energy efficient LED lighting options for your bathroom or kitchen as this will save you money long term.

  • Don’t move existing plumbing or electrical fittings. Often it is changes to plumbing and electrical work behind walls that add complexity and cost to your renovation. On the flip side, a perfect layout adds value to your home, so if it absolutely needs to move, then move it!

  • Opt for large format tiles. With large tiles there is less grout to keep clean making them the cleaner’s choice. They are also easier and cheaper to lay and can make your bathroom feel larger.

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