Sleepless nights, for the wrong reasons – how to keep your kids in their own beds.

Let’s face it; if your child has a sleeping problem, it’s bound to become your problem. If junior is tired and grumpy in the morning from lack of sleep, even an innocuous step in your morning routine can become unbearable torture. It feels like you’ve done a day’s work before you can get the family out the door.

The younger they are, the more likely you’ll spend nights with them wedged between you and your partner instead of being trained to sleep independently in their own room. Not only does it prevent you from watching Game of Thrones; it also cancels the production of more children. In a way, choosing a cheap bed for your child reduces the usefulness of your own bed.

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Barring nightmares, there shouldn’t be any reason your kid can’t enjoy their haven. It should be a case of crawling between the sheets, settling in and—depending on their age—falling asleep a few pages into a bedtime story, a few songs into their favourite album, or midway through Facebook messaging.

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There should be a little sigh of relief once they feel the comfort of a quality bed, especially since they’re exhausted after spending the past 12 hours bouncing and crashing their way through another day, probably leaving a trail of destruction.

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Unfortunately intelligent parents are often unable to put two and two together when it comes to associating their child’s poor sleeping habits with a poor quality bed or mattress. We’ve all seen the horrible pine models with no springs and thin mattresses, lavishly covered with fun sheets and a novelty bedspread to overcompensate for cheap furniture that have a negative impact on a kid’s welfare.

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Sturdy beds with quality mattresses are crucial, and if you buy a beautiful unisex bed that’s built to last, it becomes an heirloom to be passed down from one grateful child to the next. Good beds not only help kids get to sleep but help them stay that way until the morning. They support rather than twist backs and necks, encourage and train a healthy posture that will last into adulthood, and ensure allergies and asthma aren’t exacerbated.  

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Making a choice of bedding should start with your feelings about a new bed. If it’s a big decision and a special treat for you, shouldn’t you assume the same applies to your kids? They need plenty of sleep (in their own rooms!) to make sure they wake up happy, energised and ready to spend the day undoing all the good work of adults.

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