Featuring gentle, organic contours, functionality and flawless craftsmanship, Scandi presents a clean yet versatile aesthetic that has spread right across the globe.

The Scandi style in 3 words: Organised, connected and calm.  The Scandi look is an offshoot from the mid-century movement that brought a populist minimal look.  Known for its simplicity, functionality and beauty, the appeal of the Scandi style has spread all over the world.  The use of light is extremely important, and many Scandinavian-styled homes are characterised by the use of earthy muted tones, natural materials, clean lines and minimal ornamentation. These key traits ensure you don’t build up clutter and promote a simple living space and lifestyle. 

Designbx Co-Founder and Head of Interior Design Kerena Berry, shares some basic tips for how you can achieve the Scandi style in your home with Designbx and RealEstate.com



Top tips for the Scandi style

1. Wooden Flooring

The Scandi style features wooden flooring-anywhere from a washed oak, aged dove grey, through to a clean painted white finish.

Image Source: Home Beautiful


2. Scandi style traits

Scandi features flat and soft textures and a strong geometric pattern.  The colours start with a white foundation and often have  muted pastels.  Some other key style traits include: vaporous blues, soft greys, milky whites, soft durable fabrics, resin homewares, craftsmanship, bleached timbers, concealed function, scarcity.

The Scandi style really showcases the beauty of simple objects. 

Image Source: Home Design Lover


3. Designers/Artists

To name just a few….Hans J. Wegner, Eric Buch, Niels Jorgen Haugensen.

Scandi pink chair and clock

Image Source: Interiors Addict


4. Pantone colours

Pantone glacier grayPantone snow whitePantone jet black

Pantone pastel rose tanPantone mauve chalk

Don’t forget that playing with textures can add that extra simple touch.


5. Brands that fit

Steal the Limelight, Muuto, Koskela, Ikea, Great Dane, Beck Urban Furniture, Morosso (hub furniture),  Nordic Fusion, Satara, RJ Living, Sheets on the Line, Kikki K, Nordik Living Icon by Design, Miss Amara Rugs, Norsu Interiors

Image Source: Norsu Interiors via Realhomes.com


6. A perfect day

Good coffee in bed, a leisurely rise to start the day, shower and dress for the local produce market. Meet friends, chat to the growers and buy two huge sacks of food. Head home to make a minestrone soup and cheese scones, then consume in front of a roaring fire with knitted blankets pulled high.

Image Source: Cox & Cox via Realhomes.com


7. Fragrance or tune

Pigeon & Weasel Candle-lassic Vanilla. Purity.

Image Source: My Scandinavian Home via Airtasker Blog


With its minimalism theme and simple beauty, it is easy to understand why the Scandi style has become one of the trendiest interior design styles in the modern world. Try an Asian-fusion approach with Japandi interior design – a trend that combines Japanese interior design with Scandinavian interior design.   

The Scandi style also peers seamlessly with both Boho Style and Coastal Style.

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