An intricate cross fusion of elements makes the Modern Eclectic interior design style a truly dynamic and very personal one. It resists the urge to scrupulously match, making pattern and shape its lead features. Colour plays second fiddle but comes in varying ratios and with love.

modern eclectic dining room

The unexpected touches like an oversized gilded mirror sat with geo-shaped furniture is eclecticism at its finest. Hollywood charm is present in subtle overtones – overall a chic, witty, and worldly affair.

1. Top tip

Be brave, adventurous and keep your curious manner. Opposites in every form attract and create.

2. Traits

Juxtaposition, pattern, art, wallpaper, gold trims, detail, oversized rugs, marble, mirror, glass.

modern eclectic lounge room blue and white

3. Designers/Artists

Waldo Fernandez, Eric Cohler, Joe Nahem, Suzanne Kasler,  Melanie Turner, Greg Natale, Abigail Ahern, Christopher Boots, Patricia Urquiola, Jean Royere, Ryan Corban, Shareen Joel.

4. Pantone Colours

modern eclectic pantone colours

5. Brands that fit

modern eclectic lounge

Johnathon Adler, Oly, Black Spiro, West Elm,  Bromley & Co., Pure & General, Contents ID, Tom Dixon, Florence Broadhurst, Cai-light.

6. A perfect day

You slip into your favourite cocktail dress, ready to meet and greet your guest. Canapes, bubbles and 70s-inspired music playing as you circle the room, laughing and sharing in the moments that bring joy.

7. Fragrance

Jonathon Adler-Pop Candle (cucumber). Invigorating.

modern eclectic bedroom blue feature wall

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Modern Eclectic interior design is for those who love splashes of modern interior design, Boho interior design, and traditional interior design elements in the home to make up an exciting and vibrant look that will pass the test of time. 

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