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Designers and their Homes

Some Australian designers have opened up their homes to photographers, filled with their own featured pieces, and own interior design savvy-ness. 

Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson, Victoria

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Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson designed their own home in Eltham, Victoria. They designed their own range of indoor and outdoor furniture and homewares under the Pop and Scott Workshop Cooperative, Their pieces are ‘rich with life, colour and texture, yet simple and timeless’ which is displayed in their home. In this house; textile styling, the strategic layering of rugs, linens, patchworks, with a side of pom poms create a warm and eclectic interior throughout, also reflected in their range of works which adorn the home. In The Design Files, Poppy says, ‘only use furniture and objects that you love,’ as this allows the home to be warm and welcoming.

Anna Spiro, Stradbroke Island

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Anna Spiro collaborates with her brother Sam Spiro on Anna Spiro Textiles, which was born from a passion of textiles, pattern and colour which is evidently displayed throughout her Stradbroke Island home, not far from Brisbane. The range she provides are exclusive, hand made onto fine Belgian linen.

Sleek, white walls complemented by crisp, colourful decorations make the home feel fresh, yet modern, especially sticking to the island feel and is a clear reflection of her own works and passion.

Jeff Swinyard and Kimberley Tan, Perth

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Jeff and Kimberley run Studio Atelier, a practice in Perth, Western Australia, that brings architecture and interiors together to create a journey and achieve client vision. Their practice provides conceptual design and development. They took upon a dilapidated Victorian terrace, and created a vintage yet modern feeling space through usage of Victorian furniture and artworks throughout found in local thrift shops, complemented by a mix of timber and iron furnishings, and modern trimmings to the decor. This pays homage to the historical aspect of the house whilst creating a home.


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