A trend that truly dispenses with formality.  Boho style is all about experimenting, expressing yourself and being creative.

Boho is wild abandonment! Global influences are paired with an overall casual feel because the key is to carefully create a purposely “messy” look.

The term Bohemian came from the French word for ‘gypsy’, which works perfectly for describing the spirit and theme of Boho style.  Embrace the local market and pair 1950’s Hollywood with rustic timbers, lace, Navajo and Moroccan patterns.  Layering textiles is essential because it ensures the styling isn’t ‘flat’.

Designbx Co-Founder and Head of Interior Design Kerena Berry shares her 6 top tips. Achieve the Boho style in your home with Designbx and RealEstate.com

1. Top tip

Look like you’ve travelled the world, even if you are yet to do so. If you have spent your life collecting things, the boho style calls for you to show them off. As opposed to minimalist interior designs, bohemian embraces mess and knick-knacks. 

Image Source: Bisque Traders


2. Boho style traits

Relaxed seating (feather, soft filled), corrected leathers, layers, vintage chandeliers, lace, wallpaper, rustic timbers, Moroccan details, hand-dyeing, Ikats patterns, cushions and Persian rugs. Indoor plants are another key staple to bohemian interior design because it creates another layer of colour. It’s also common to see more indoor plants than furniture pieces with this style. 

Image Source: Collective Hub


3. Designers/Artists

Shannon Fricke, Sibella Court, Kit Kemp, Abigail Ahern, Justine Blakeney…to name a few

Image Source: Barefoot Gypsy via Interiors Addict


4. Pantone colours

Pantone baton rougePantone sea pinePantone china blue


5. Brands that fit

Tree of life, Uniqwa Furniture Collections, Bisque Traders, Yak and Yeti Trader, Barefoot Gypsy, Nouvelle Nomad, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropolgie, Ruby Star Traders, The Society Inc., Sage x Clare, Quercos & Co, A Rum Fellow, The Dharma Door.

Image Source: Barefoot Gypsy via Interiors Addict


6. A perfect day for boho

In the afternoon sun on your oversized feather-filled armchair, bare feet propped on your warn Moroccan ottoman and an oversized mug of brewed tea and pecan toasted bread.

boho coast patterned wall with rosary beads

Image source: Designbx


7. Fragrance or tune

Sandalwood and patchouli, warm aromas that increase feelings of well-being.

Image Source: Nouvelle Nomad via RealEstate.com.au


Boho is a style that is somewhat contradictory yet perfectly harmonious.  A home interior design style that embraces the feeling of Summer and warmth, whatever the season.   


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