The 5 best online interior design courses

If you’re thinking about a career change or discovering a passion for interior design, there are a range of online interior design courses offered by credible learning environments, such as the Interior Design Institute. Taking up a short course or diploma at an interior design school, online or on campus, can significantly build a foundation of theoretical knowledge and creative design skills. Here are 5 of the best courses that you can take for education purposes or for fun:

1. Certificate In Interior Design (Interior Design Institute)

With options to advance your studies further, the Interior Design Institute takes you through a 24 week online course filled with creativity, design flair and style. Equipping you with the skills to style beautiful homes, the course focuses on both theoretical and practical skills to whip you into design shape. Based on almost two hundred 5/5 star reviews on their website, you can be assured that students were able to enjoy their experience and find their inner creativity through the modern and informative course. On completion you are given a Certificate in Interior Design which can help you kickstart your career in interior design, or as a hobby or successful sideliner.

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2. Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at Interior Design Online (Sydney Design School)

Renowned for their high quality education, students at the Interior Design Online are taught industry-focused skills that they can learn both online or on campus. This design institute requires no previous design experience and teaches fundamentals such as the latest international design trends and styling for both residential and commercial spaces over a 2 year period. Accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), students are taught how to use 3D modelling software and even professional presentation techniques all from the comfort of their own home. Interior Design Online is by far one of the greatest options to be introduced and allows you to start anytime to grow your knowledge. You can enroll now!

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3. Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration with Open Colleges

Now considered Australia’s leader in online education, Open Colleges has provided high quality and revolutionary education for the past 100 years. Being recognised by the Design Institute of Australia, the professional membership body of designers and creatives, you can walk away with a diploma and an extensive portfolio to present to your prospective clients and employers upon graduation. The diploma spans over 2.5 years covers all areas of interior design and interior decoration. Equipping you with total confidence, knowledge and skill to immerse yourself into the industry, you’ll go through modules such as design principles, working with clients and suppliers, right through to practical skills using interior design kits.

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4. The Professional Interior Design Course at the Interior Design Academy

For those who seek more independence and flexibility with when they choose to study, the Interior Design Academy offers a self-paced learning approach spread over 12-24 weeks. Suitable for busy mums looking for a career change or students juggling full time work, you have the option to complete it within 2 years. With over 25 years of experience and specialising in distance learning, professional interior designers and writers have trained students in more than 80 countries. Whilst building your theoretical knowledge, they also provide you with practical skills such as meeting client’s needs, marketing and design skills that are often overlooked in many course outlines. On completion, you receive the Interior Design Academy Identification Pass stating your credentials and are placed on their register of interior design which opens up a world of connections and interior design opportunities.


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5. Plan Decorative Live at The Decorating School (e-course)

This fabulous 6-week online course offers you valuable knowledge into how to design, how to decorate and analyse space. Through masterclasses from interior design experts, The Decorating School teach you how to use colour and the essentials when transforming a home or space. Providing you with a bite-size taster into the world of interior design, it offers those who are interested in taking up a tertiary education in the field or simply for homeowners who would like to try their own hand at redesigning her home. For those who enjoy a more fun and relaxed approach to full-time accredited learning, this course is ideal and connects you to like-minded students through exclusive Facebook and Pinterest groups.

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Feeling inspired yet? Why not take the plunge and learn a new skill and potential career changer! With no age restrictions and working around you, online interior design courses can be suited to almost everyone and can help you build and express newfound creative flair and passion. Make sure you research what interior design institute suits you best to ensure you get the most out of your studies and first and foremost, enjoy the course throughout!


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